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March 15, 2016
"Virginia Law for Common Interest Community Managers - 2.0 hours" (CICB approved course)
Location: Rees Broome
Time: Noon - 2:00pm
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Molly PeacockMolly Peacock
Community Associations

Phone: (703) 790-1911
Fax: (703) 848-2530



Hailing from of her 6-person eponymous Peacock Law Firm, Molly has joined Rees Broome’s Community Association practice.  Ms. Peacock has devoted her career to fulfilling the legal needs and solving problems for community associations since 2006.  She comes from a military family where service, leadership, and problem solving are infused into all aspects of professional and personal life. 

Examples of outcomes obtained by Molly in the past twelve months include:

  • Successfully resolving a severe covenants violation situation that had been existing for years prior to Molly’s arrival to this particular community as its counsel; the parties could not agree to terms of a resolution, and so off to court they went where the association prevailed in Fairfax Circuit Court, which awarded a judgment in favor of the association for injunctive relief and all attorneys fees;
    • This judgment was not complied with by the defendant, and so Molly then led the association through a Show Cause evidentiary hearing, the outcome of which led to remediation of all of the covenants violations at issue. 
    • Another hearing awarded to the association a money judgment in the amount of all requested attorneys fees and restoration costs incurred by this association in this matter
  • Working with a client to accomplish a whole-sale change of all violations letters (approximately 500 letters are sent per month, of which are approximately 7 categories of violations letters; this association which comprises approximately 850 acres—a great many homes and land to look after and keep compliant with covenants) so that the letters invite compliance in a manner that puts the homeowner and the association on the same team, namely: ‘we all want to take care to maintain property values and respect our beautiful community, so please comply, and if you cannot, please work with us to resolve the situation.’
  • Prevailing in Loudoun Circuit Court on three of three counts against defendants who damaged Molly’s client’s property.
  • After approximately 13 months of effort, meetings, drafting, communication with Board members, management, and homeowners, successfully proposing, obtaining requisite votes, and enacting a new set of Bylaws for an association that had very outdated, and sometimes erroneous Bylaws.
  • Observing an aspect of the recorded Bylaws of a DC Condominium client that prevented the condominium from achieving maximum effect in its collections efforts, and indeed in all covenant enforcement efforts; drafting, publicizing, working with the Board, management and community to obtain the required votes to amend the Bylaws, which has resulted in a much improved and more cost effective method of debt collection and rules enforcement for this community.

Molly’s approach to the practice of law is: (1) keep clients informed and timely responded to, (2) solve problems in the most effective manner, (3) avoid problems by enabling a good understanding of the situation by the parties involved, (4) if a problem is unavoidable or insisted upon by an adverse entity, prevail decisively. 

Another aspect of Molly’s style is to have fun where possible.  The practice of law is serious and requires decorum.  The gravity of legal and financial issues, and professionalism notwithstanding, it is also possible to enjoy serving the communities that Molly is privileged to represent, and she usually finds a way to do so.

Professional Credentials

  • Chair of the Law Practice Management Section of the Fairfax Bar Association
  • Fellow at the Fairfax Law Foundation
  • Recipient in 2014 of the Community Service Award from the Greater McLean Chamber of Commerce for work done for the greater McLean community
  • Board Member of the Tysons Tax Transportation Advisory Board, appointed by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors in 2013, and invited to stay for another 2 year term in 2015
  • Secretary and Member (by appointment) of the McLean Planning Committee, from 2013 to the present
  • Member of the Education Committee of WMCCAI
  • Presenter/Speaker at the 2014 Community Associations Institute National Annual Conference (speakers are selected by CAI National; not all applicants are selected)
  • Presenter/Speaker at Condominium Essentials Class in collaboration with WMCCAI and the Alexandria and Arlington Housing Divisions, April 2013
  • Keynote Speaker at the University of Richmond Law Technology Seminar in 2014
  • Speaker at the University of Richmond Law Technology Seminar in 2013
  • Author of a Chapter about Community Associations and Success in Best-Selling Book: Stand Apart; World’s Leading Experts Reveal Their Secrets to Help Your Business Stand out from the Crowd to Achieve Ultimate Success
  • Author of “Brambleton Community Association v. Than: Are Bankruptcy Filers Receiving Bad Advice to Vacate Their Homes?”, published in The Fee Simple, a publication of the Virginia State Bar, May 2010; Molly Peacock litigated that case, lost, appealed to Circuit Court for a trial de novo, and prevailed on the merits and on 100% of requested attorneys fees.
  • Member, Virginia State Bar
  • Member, DC Bar


  • BA,  College of William and Mary
  • JD, University of Richmond School of Law
  • Law clerk, Alexandria Circuit Court, 2002 - 2004