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March 15, 2016
"Virginia Law for Common Interest Community Managers - 2.0 hours" (CICB approved course)
Location: Rees Broome
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RB Community Association NewsletteR ARCHIVES

December 2011
Amending an Association's Governing Documents
By: Peter S. Philbin
Kelly C. Zook

November 2011
Alcohol and Liability Issues for the Use of Common Facilities
By: Kimberley M. O’Halloran-Cordray
Douglas S. Levy

August 2011
FHA Modifies Existing Regulations for Condominium Certification Once Again
By: Leslie S. Brown
Todd A. Sinkins

Special Announcement (August 4, 2011)
Important Alert for Community Association Clients in Montgomery County, MD

July 2011
Termination of Membership in a Co-Operative
By: Nichole D. Flippen
Ursula Koenig Burgess

Special Announcement (July 21, 2011)
Notice of Recent Action of the Virginia Common Interest Community Board

June 2011
2011 Maryland Legislative Update
By: Lella Amiss (“Ami”) E. Pape
Winta Mengisteab

May 2011
2011 Virginia Legislative Update
By: Kathleen N. Machado
Todd A. Sinkins

April 2011
Reasonable Accommodations and Reasonable Modifications for Persons with Disabilities
By: Peter S. Philbin
Doug S. Levy

March 2011
Regulating Parking on Public Streets within an Association
By: Nichole D. Flippen
Leslie S. Brown

February 2011
Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite: Handling Bed Bug Problems in Community Associations
By: Erik W. Fox
Lisandra E. Santiago

January 2011
The Changing Face of Assessment Collection
By: Rory K. Nugent
Hillary A. Collins

December 2010
Dealing with Difficult Owners
By: Winta Mengisteab
Douglas S. Levy

October 2010
Amending Architectural Standards and Guidelines

Additional Article:
Popular Myths of FHA Finanacing
-- reprinted with permission from Quorum a WMCCAI publication.

September 2010
Boards of Directors: Knowing Your Duties and Powers

August 2010
What Can a Community Association Expect When Part of the Common Area is Subject to an Eminent Domain Proceeding?

July 2010
When an Owner is in Bankruptcy

June 2010
2010 D.C. and Maryland Legislative Update

May 2010
2010 Legislative Virginia Legislative Update

April 2010
Defamation, Libel and Slander - Oh my!

March 2010
After the Storm - Common Snow Fall Concerns

February 2010
West Virginia Community Associations – The New Frontier

January 2010
Let the Sunshine In – Staying Compliant with the Laws Mandating Open Board Meetings

December 2009
Going “Green” in Communities

November 2009
New FHA Regulations Will Impact Financing of Condominium Units

October 2009
Navigating Architectural Review Guidelines

August 2009
Post-Judgment Collections in Today's Economy

July 2009
Fair Housing Laws – Are You In Compliance?

June 2009
Maryland and District of Columbia Legislative Update

May 2009
2009 Legislative Changes Affecting Virginia Common Interest Communities

Additional Article:
Maryland Condominium Legislative Alert/Condominium Insurance

April 2009
Special Tax Issues for Community Associations

March 2009
Common Issues to Consider if Your Community Must Impose
a Special Assessment

February 2009
Land Use Issues Concerning Community Associations

January 2009
Leasing Restrictions

December 2008
Water Leaks and Insurance Issues

November 2008
A Brief Outline of Covenant Enforcement Procedures

September 2008
Home Business Operations: How Does This Affect You?

August 2008
Recovery of Incidental Collections Costs

July 2008
Legislative Changes in the District of Columbia and Maryland Affecting Community Associations

June 2008
2008 Legislative Changes Affecting Community Associations:
An Analysis of HB 516 (Part 2)

May 2008
2008 Legislative Changes Affecting Community Associations:
An Analysis of HB 516 (Part 1)

April 2008
An Overview of Two Common Homeowners Association Litigation Matters

March 2008
Federal Changes to Pool and Spa Safety Laws

January 2008
If a Tree Falls and My Neighbor Hears It…Who Pays?

December 2007
Protecting Your Assets: What Associations Can Do to Protect Community Assets against Theft and Other Risks

Additional Article:
SCOTT v. WALKER -- the Virginia Supreme Court Reaffirms its Prior Decisions Strictly Construing Certain Restrictive Covenants -- reprinted with permission from Quorum a WMCCAI publication.

November 2007
Association and Board Member Parties

Additional Article:
Home-Run Wiring and Cable or Satellite Service in Multi-Family Dwellings -- reprinted with permission from Quorum a WMCCAI publication.

October 2007
Property Owners' Right to Display the American Flag

September 2007
Skyrocketing Foreclosures and How It Affects Assessment Collection in Your Community

August 2007
Why Running your Employees over in the Parking Lot is not the Best
Solution to Your Personnel Problems

July 2007
Changes to Virginia Law Affect Some Association Annual Meetings

June 2007
Community Association Issues with Pets

May 2007
2007 Legislative Changes Affecting Community Associations

April 2007
Bankruptcy: An Overview

March 2007
Association Websites – A Powerful Yet Complex Communications Tool

February 2007
We Aren’t Getting Paid?

January 2007
Leasing Restrictions

August 2006
Meetings and Parliamentary Procedure

July 2006
Open and Shut:
How to Ensure that Board Meetings are "Open" to the Members

June 2006
Pool Safety

May 2006
Legislative Changes in Virginia and Maryland for 2006

Additional Article: Assign Parking Spaces at Your Own Risk - published in Quorum

April 2006
Notarization of Documents

March 2006
Telecommuting and Home Occupation

February 2006
Exterior Application Procedures

January 2006
Community Association Risk Management

December 2005

November 2005
Duty of Confidentiality

October 2005
Bankruptcy Reform: Areas of Interest to Community Associations

September 2005
Association’s Duty to Remove Snow

August 2005
Too Many People

July 2005
Stormwater Management Facilities

June 2005
Contracts – Tips to Review and Negotiate

May 2005
Virginia and Maryland Legislative Changes

April 2005
Acts of God and Recovery…before the Event

March 2005
Regulating Vehicles Parked on Public Streets
and Restricted Parking Districts

February 2005
Judgment for the Plaintiff; Now What?

January 2005
A Brief Outline of Covenant Enforcement Procedures

December 2004
Parliamentary Issues

November 2004
Winter Holiday Parties - Some Sobering Thoughts

October 2004
Execution of Liens/Voting to Implement Collection Decisions

September 2004
Basic Information Regarding Third Party Foreclosures

August 2004
How Simple Registration Is - And How Important the Impact?

July 2004
Home Business and "Residential Only" Covenants

June 2004
Collection of Late Fees in Virginia and Maryland

May 2004
Virginia and Maryland Legislative Changes

April 2004
E-Mail - Use With Caution

March 2004
Under What Circumstances will Police Officers Enter the Common Areas of a Community Association to Enforce the Law?

February 2004
You've Been Served: Lawsuits and Service of Process

January 2004
Preparation of Meeting Minutes: How to Avoid Information Overload

December 2003
Christmas Tress Change In Law Affects Condominiums and Cooperatives

November 2003
Collections Issues

October 2003
Open Flame and Gas Grills Change In Law Affects Condominium Communities

September 2003
Association's Duty to Remove Snow

August 2003
The Ten Commandments of Contracting

July 2003
Condominium Insurance Issues - Recent Virginia Legislation May Answer the Question of Who Pays the Deductible?

June 2003
Recent Virginia Supreme Court Case Affecting Condominium Non-Judicial Foreclosure Sales

May 2003
Recovering Attorney's Fees in Assessment Collection Cases: What is Reasonable?

April 2003
Virginia Legislative Changes
Maryland Legislative Updates

March 2003
Bankruptcy -- The Hard Facts

February 2003
Non-Compete Agreements

January 2003
Post-Judgment Collection: Don't They Have To Pay It?

December 2002
FHA and VA Minimum Owner Occupancy Restrictions

November 2002
Architectural Guidelines and Standards: Mandatory or Recommended

October 2002
Winter Holiday Parties Some Sobering Thoughts

September 2002
Regulating Political Signs

August 2002
Community Association Risk Management

July 2002
Understanding Homestead Deeds

June 2002
Attractive Nuisances

May 2002
The Ever-Changing World of the Community Association Insurance Industry

April 2002
Virginia Legislative Changes

March 2002
A Brief Outline of Covenant Enforcement Procedures

February 2002
Reporting Delinquent Assessment Debts to National Credit Bureaus

January 2002
Contracting/Duty to Obtain Competitive Bids
Duty to Retain Lowest Bid Contractor

December 2001
A Brief Outline of the Protections within the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act

November 2001
The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

October 2001
Too Many People

September 2001
FCC Expands Permissible Use of Satellite Dish Antennas

August 2001
How the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act May Affect Your Community Association  (Attachment: Request For Notice Of Property Settlement)

July 2001
Sprinkler Issues, Part II: Central Sprinkler's Voluntary Replacement of O-Ring Model Sprinklers

June 2001
Common Community Association Tax Issues

May 2001
Home Businesses and "Residential Only" Covenants

April 2001
How to Transfer Condominium Parking Spaces

March 2001
On The Horizon: Changes in Bankruptcy Law

February 2001
Virginia Legislative Changes

January 2001
Central Satellite Television Service: Do The Hurdles Outweigh the Benefits?

December 2000
Adam Raised a Cain

November 2000
Roadway Enhancement and Trail Improvement Grants

October 2000
Tidbits About the Contracting Process

September 2000
Regulating Vehicles Parked on Public Streets

Community Association.Com: The Legal Minefield of the Community Association Website - published in the September 2000 Issue of Quorum? Magazine

August 2000
County or City Approval

July 2000
To Fine or Not to Fine Board Members

June 2000
Fine or Not Fine

May 2000
The Price of Service

April 2000
Virginia Legislative Changes

March 2000
Telecommuting and Home Occupation

February 2000
Duty of Care

January 2000
Towing Sign Requirements

December 1999

November 1999
General Electric Dishwasher Recall

October 1999
Duty of Confidentiality

September 1999
Attractive Nuisances