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Molly Peacock Leading Discussion at September 2013 Seminar in Alexandria

Molly Peacock Leading Discussion at September 2013 Seminar in Alexandria

Does your community require conflict resolution assistance?  Have unpaid assessments started to burden your budget? Are you a newly elected Board member needing clarification of your legal responsibilities?

As a community leader, your ultimate goal is to protect the beauty, welfare, and financial integrity of your community.  Whether you were elected to the Board of Directors or hired as a Management Agent, your mission is the same: preserve property values and foster harmonious community living.

The Peacock Law Firm exists to serve your community’s needs.  We understand the challenges confronting those who lead and manage condominiums, cooperatives, and homeowners associations and are dedicated to helping your community reach its goals. Contact us today!

If you want to know a little more before picking up the phone, here are five things you can take from our website:

(1)  Up-to-date information on the laws and news affecting Virginia and DC communities.  Check out our Resources. Sign up for our newsletter. Follow our blog.

(2) Entertaining Peacocktail Conversations – shaken, not stirred.  Read through a splash of questions we often field at cocktail parties and other networking events.

(3) Personal introductions to your legal team.

(4) Tips on how to talk the talk and walk the walk.  Learn some industry lingo, stroll through Virginia and DC statutes, or schedule a personalized presentation for your next community gathering.

(5) Need some help training your new Board members?  Schedule a presentation today!